Generating a report with the Repricer API

With the Repricer API you can generate your own inventory file on the fly without having to login to Repricer. Initially, you can do this using the Get a Repricer call. This call is a bit of a blunt instrument, it will allow you to generate a file however isn't suitable at all times. For example, it cannot be used for a refined search. Below are examples of times when it wouldn't be the best approach,

  • The call will return all Amazon products and cannot filter the data
  • The call has a 2-minute timeout so is not suitable for users with high numbers of SKUs

If the above applies to you or you are receiving a timeout when making the Get a Repricer call you should generate a report via the more traditional method detailed below.

Generating an Inventory Report

The first step is to request the generation of your Inventory Report. To do this you will use the Submit Request call. Using this call will request Repricer generate a report for you including any filters you wish applied.


The only available filter at the moment is Channel, others will be added in the future.

The parameters for this call include,

  • reportType - The Report Type is __INVENTORY__. Note the underscores.
  • channelName - This is the name of the Channel, set by you, on Repricer as a string (optional)



Call parameter names and values are case sensitive.

Once you have submitted your request, you will be given a 200 response which includes a Report Request ID. You should take note of this to ensure you download the correct report when it's ready. Example response below,

    "meta": [],
    "code": 200,
    "object": "report",
    "data": {
        "reportRequestId": "X19JTlZFTlRPUllfX3w2NGI4MDQ4NDNjMDZiNS4xMjUyMTM5Mw==",
        "reportType": "__INVENTORY__",
        "startDate": "",
        "endDate": "",
        "schedule": false,
        "submittedDate": "2023-07-19T15:43:00+0000",
        "reportProcessingStatus": "__SUBMITTED__",
        "generatedReportId": "",
        "startedProcessingDate": "2023-07-19T15:43:00+0000",
        "completedDate": ""
    "time": 1689781380

Collecting your Inventory Report ID

Now that you have requested your report you need to give Repricer a minute to generate the report. This can take a few minutes. To check on your report you can use the List Reports call. This call will return the latest report that has finished generating. You will be able to see the time it was requested (In GMT) as well as the Report Request ID which you can compare to your previous call. Example response below

    "meta": [],
    "code": 200,
    "object": "report",
    "data": [
            "reportId": "X19JTlZFTlRPUllfX3wxNjE3",
            "reportType": "__INVENTORY__",
            "reportRequestId": "X19JTlZFTlRPUllfX3w2NGI4MDQ4NDNjMDZiNS4xMjUyMTM5Mw==",
            "availableDate": "2023-07-19T15:43:00+0000"
    "time": 1689782468

Once your report is ready, it will be returned on the List Reports call. The call will return the Report ID which you should save as you will need it for the final step.

Downloading your report

The final part of the process is to download your newly generated report. To download your report take the Report ID from your previous call and add it to the Download Report call. For example,

This final call will fetch the requested report for you.